Client Testimonials

Musically Inclined Music Lessons

“HR MOM is the reason my business has grown to where it is today!  Corinne and her staff have done a phenomenal job with acquiring and hiring staff for my business!  I would highly recommend HR MOM to anyone looking to start or expand their business!”

Ken Frieson, Owner of Musically Inclined Music Lessons

Got Laundry?

“I’d like to give an huge shout out to Corinne Green and HR MOM. If we had not sought Corinne and her services there is no telling where my company would be. She stepped in the knick of time to help revamp several business processes as well as helped with a number of other business developments. I recommend every Owner or CEO, to give a call to HR MOMs immediately to discuss in greater detail. How you can go from starting small to a big finish. Thank you HR MOM for charting Got Laundry? On the course of success!”

Ray Wall, CEO/Owner

“Since HR MOM has been with our company, Got Laundry?, Corinne has literally completed a laundry list of things that needed her expertise, no pun intended. Her skills and experience has helped strategically put company policies and procedures in place. She has targeted candidates that fit our needs with our business. She has definitely impacted our company in a big way. We can not thank HR MOM enough.”

Takiyah Green
Vice President of Got Laundry?

3rd Element Spa and Salon

“Working with the team at HR Mom was a pleasure. Corinne Green made sure to take time to clearly define job positions and associated job skills within my companies. Her team utilized the desired job skills to screen and present qualified candidates to my business partner and I. To have been able to fill two critical positions within my organization with minimal effort was appreciated and priceless. I have and will continue to recommend HR MOM as a human resources consultant firm throughout my business network.”

Chyvonne Bacon,  Co-owner of 3rd Element Spa and Salon, Owner of Mosquito Hunters of Fort Washington, Willow Grove, and Huntington Valley

AIB Marketing and Consulting

“It has been a relief working with HR Mom to identify talent that fits the needs of my small business. Their experience and professionalism allows me to focus on other areas of my business with confidence that my HR needs are being taken care of.

I’ve learned a great deal during this transition from being a solopreneur to having a team. Working with HR Mom was one of my best on investments.”

Aisha Winfield, AIB Marketing and Consulting

Oxsun Salon, LLC

“HR Mom assisted my small business with creating an employee manual and implementing new hiring practices. The audit on my hair salon assisted in highlighting what needed to continue and what procedures that were not beneficial to my financial growth. With the guidance of HR Mom I am expanding my salon onto an online presence that is creating a legacy of wealth for my daughter.”

Kim Rollins, Oxsun Salon LLC

Culture Works

“Support your staff and protect your business with HR MOM. HR Managers on the Move brings the heft of an HR Department to your organization. They are knowledgeable, professional, and effective.”

Gabrielle Wanamaker, CultureWorks

Fairy Godmother of Childcare

“If you are new  business owner  looking for someone to help guide you and your business HR MOM is it. Corinne has enabled me, coached me, and given me the confidence to start my childcare consulting business. I love the fact that she is very engaging, fast and very eager to help me build my business.”

India White, Fairy Godmother of Childcare

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