Imagine we can create our own piece of “Wakanda” for brown girls in Philadelphia! As a young girl, I was always drawn to the arts and although I’ve never acted, sang, dance or painted, I have been known to be a little dramatic! OK, a lotta dramatic! The arts has always been a way for me to learn about life and discuss some of the harder topics. Now, as a mother to 13 and 7 year old daughters, I often infused the arts into their lives. It is really important to me that my daughters and brown girls specifically see themselves in a positive light and own their “magic”.

Professionally, the opportunity to provide girls in urban communities with cultural experiences that shape their beings will continue to be a part of the HR MOM service mission. The themes in this play and book are very relevant to the identity issues many of our school aged young girls are facing today.

My goal was to have small businesses (owned by Black women) sponsor the costs of the tickets, therefore, there would be no costs to the attendees! We have successfully purchased 210 tickets for middle/high school aged girls attending public, charter, independent, or private schools in Philadelphia to attend the show on Saturday, March 31st at 8pm!

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