Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide legal counsel?

While our consultants have an understanding of employment law, our consultants are not attorneys.  We can however recommend an attorney, should you have a specific need regarding a legal matter.

What services do you provide?

We provide HR strategic planning, process improvement, policies and procedures documentation, and recruiting and training services. We also provide staff management services if you have 5 or more employees.

Do you provide benefit outsourcing services?

We don’t provide benefits services, however, we can recommend partners.

How do I know if your services are right for my business?

Our services are right for your business if you have been in business for 3 years and have at least 3 employees or looking to grow your team!

How are consultants screened?

We do experience verification on all consultants, we can also provide you with references.

How are consultants held accountable to their work?

All clients are able to track consultants work output and communication deliverables via a shared project management tool. The consultants work plan is loaded and hours and cost are tracked.

Do you provide benefit administration services?

While our consultants can recommend benefit and wellness options for your workforce, we are not plan administrators.

Do you provide performance management services?

Yes! I’ll consultants can work with your managers to identify the appropriate strategy and assist in administration of the program to your workforce.

Do you provide wellness and engagement programming?

Yes, our consultants can work with your leadership to determine the best wellness and engagement plans for your workforce. We will also assist in implementation of these programs.

What is an HR audit and can my company benefit from conducting one?

Yes, absolutely! An HR audit is an assessment to review the effectiveness and relevancy of your HR functions. It is a time to review your current HR programming for compliance and identify the need to revamp current practices or introduce new HR initiatives.

What exactly is the HR business strategy service?

When our consultants are working with your business in this area we are helping you to forecast the impact of your business decisions on your HR needs, for example, your wishing to expand or open another location will have impact on your staffing plan, your training needs, your community etc. We are also able to help you to determine which opportunities and business relationships help support your organizations mission and value.

Are All Your Consultants Women?

No! we have a diverse group of consultants; our goals is provide you with an experienced consultant that meets your business needs. Gender is not a factor; our consultants are “managers on the move”, M.O.M’s!