HR Audit

An “Express HR Audit” is a 1-hour interview in which the consultant gathers some information to determine the HR needs in your business. Many questions are related to your history, current practices, staffing needs, services, goals, and desires for your business. Once this needs assessment is conducted the consultant will provide a recommendation plan and review of services that HR MOM can provide.

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Additional Services

Retainer Enhanced with Recruitment

  • 3 Months minimum
  • Contracted HR Services at a flat monthly rate to include recruitment tasks such as
    screenings, interviews, and hiring onboarding. This includes W-4 or W-9 hiring
    packets, to include Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality Agreement, Job Description
    or Scope of work, and Progressive Discipline and Employee handbook.
  • $795 per position

Staff Placement • New Hire

  • 4-6 week time to fill
  • Placement services fee for new hire added to team. Includes search, screening,
    interviewing, and onboarding documentation.
  • $550 per month for clients who are returning or need hire a replacement/same role once contract has ended.

Social Media Management 

  • 3 month minimum
  • Social Media Management for up to 6 platforms to include 5 weekly graphic branded posts using an automated content scheduler. 
  • 1 monthly meeting with SMC and HR MOM team virtually
  • 1 branded marketing newsletter bi-monthly for client to distribute in partnership with their selected platform
  • $450 per month

Policy Creation Bundle 

  • 30 day turnaround
  • Create workplace policies and documents and 2 hours of review with HR liaison to
    discuss interpretation for implementation. Staff introduction and training can be
  • Policies are:
    • Updated or Newly Drafter Employee Handbook
    • Progressive Discipline Policy
    • Succession Planning Policy w/ Compensation Analysis 
    • Performance Review Policy w/ Forms
  • $1995